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In conclusion, with the exception of the very first AI paintings ever made, AI art may not necessarily fit Art Connoisseurs who look for works of famous artists in search of hidden value or meaning in the artist’s work. With that said, our own art experts dedicate a lot of time and effort to trying to decode what the AI wanted to convey in a painting when coming up with a name. We are prepared to provide our written interpretation upon customer request. AI art (once again with the exception of the very first AI art ever made) may also not quite suit people who treat art solely as an investment opportunity no one can predict or let alone guarantee with certainty whether AI paintings will appreciate in value. If you want to learn more about AI art valuation and how we form the price, stay tuned for our next article.

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ai art, ai painting, ai paintings, ai portrait, art groups, contemporary art, expressionist art, impressionist art, value of art -

Throughout centuries, art has been the subject of admiration by people all over the world. Many wealthy families hired artists to “immortalise” themselves on canvas. Over time, depending on the mastery of the artist, the demand for their artworks increased, subsequently causing an increase in the price of their work. So, the main factor which affects the price the most when valuing art is the name of the artist.

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