Who is AI art for? (Part 2)

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Who is AI art for? (Part 2)

In 2018 when a collective of artists from Paris named Obvious created the first AI portrait named Edmond de Belamy, it fetched an astounding $432,500 at a Christie’s auction in October 2019. Such a high valuation was mostly attributed to the “novelty” factor. Almost any anything that is the product of new technology with a super limited supply, apart from development costs, creates exclusivity, increasing demand and driving up the price. When the first ever electric light bulb was developed by Thomas Edison, it had cost as much as $40,000 (about $850,000 in today’s money). One of the first ever personal computers - HP3000 was selling at $95,000 which today translates to almost half a million US dollars. The list goes on and on, but you get the point: new technology is often expensive.

As AI technology has advanced over the last couple of years the quality of AI art has improved and the price has been reduced tremendously.


Above you can see a side-by-side comparison of Obvious’s AI portrait Edmond de Belamy (on the left) and the AI portrait named Amanda created by our team at AI Art Shop (on the right). Objectively, Amanda has a much better resolution (almost 1000 dpi) which when printed onto canvas creates an amazing oil-painting effect. The lines and contours of Amanda’s face are clear and sharp thanks to our vector correction AI algorithms used along with the standard GAN Machine Learning framework. The size of the Edmond de Belamy painting is 71 cm x 71 cm priced at $432,500: an AI painting of the same size in our AI gallery would cost around $150. All in all, Amanda is a much better AI painting in terms of quality and value-for-money compared to Edmond de Belamy. You may think that our conclusion is biased which is why we encourage you to make your own evaluation and leave a comment down below. We would be very much interested to hear your thoughts. Also, if you like our AI painting Amanda, then you should definitely visit our Portraits AI Collection where you can buy amazing portraits created by our AI algorithms.

In conclusion, with the exception of the very first AI paintings ever made, AI art may not necessarily fit Art Connoisseurs who look for works of famous artists in search of hidden value or meaning in the artist’s work. With that said, our own art experts dedicate a lot of time and effort to trying to decode what the AI wanted to convey in a painting when coming up with a name. We are prepared to provide our written interpretation upon customer request. AI art (once again with the exception of the very first AI art ever made) may also not quite suit people who treat art solely as an investment opportunity no one can predict or let alone guarantee with certainty whether AI paintings will appreciate in value. If you want to learn more about AI art valuation and how we form the price, stay tuned for our next article.

AI art is purposed for dynamic people who are open to fresh unconventional ideas, who like to try new things and challenge the widely accepted art standards. Finally, AI art is best suited for art enthusiasts who are genuinely looking for a stunning and affordable piece of art that would fit nicely on their wall and with their home interior, bringing them happiness every day. In addition, every AI painting sold on is 100% original and comes with a digital certificate of authenticity registered in the Blockchain. You get an amazing looking piece of art in your home knowing that nobody else in the world has the same painting.

Businesses and corporates are another group of our clients. Property developers, hotels, bars, restaurants, gyms, etc., need to create a particular look for their spaces. With the help of AI Art Shop AI algorithms, we are able to create a series of artworks with a myriad of options exactly to our customer’s specifications.

We hope you have found this overview of AI art interesting and look forward to welcoming you to our growing list of happy clients! 

If you are interested in buying art for your home or work space, then look no further - we have something for everyone! Choose from a wide range of AI art categories: Contemporary AI Art, Expressionism AI, Impressionism AI, Portraits AI and Landscapes AI.

Portraits AI and City AI.

For the full AI gallery experience, make sure to visit our Virtual Reality Showroom to visually appreciate how AI art looks in a 3D space.

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