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We issue payouts to artists on our platform via PayPal or wire transfer. Our dedicated support team ensure that every art transaction on our platform goes smoothly and transparantly

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  • Fast and Reliable Shipping: When you sell art with AI Art Shop, shipping is handled by our team and covered by the collector - 
  • Manage your portfolio of AI artworks on the go: access our modern and easy-to-use platform from anywhere in the world 
  • Customise your storefront: add your story, short description of your style, method of creating AI art, make your AI art shop truly your own and make yourself standout to customers before purchase.
  • Get Featured by our AI art curators: Every week, our art experts select one AI artwork created by an AI artist and feature it on the font page of the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started selling art on your platform?

First of all, we are really excited that you have decided to sell your artworks on AI Art Shop! To get started on the platform, you first need to create an AI Artist account. Once logged in, you will then need to 1) verify your email and 2) add your PayPal email address on which you would like to receive payouts from your art sales. Don't forget to fill out a short description about you as an artist, such as what algorithms you use, what styles you create your art and what made you join the AI art movement. This information allows our AI art curators to notice you and increases your chances of getting featured on the front page.

Do you take care of shipping?

Yes, we do take full care of the shipping. Once you have uploaded your art, all the logistics on the platform are organised and handled centrally by our team so that you can just concentrate on what's important - creating and selling stunning AI art. 

Do you provide a blockchain certificate of authenticity for my artwork?

We sometimes get asked whether we provide blockchain certificates of authenticity on artworks posted on the AI art Shop Platform as we claim on the front page of the website. The answer is yes but only on artworks that our team produce in-house. If you are an AI artist registered on the platform, we are not able to provide you with a certificate of authenticity as we do not hold the copyright to your artwork.

What is your policy on profit pay-outs?

Once you make a sale, you will receive your payout within 3-5 calendar days if it is a digital artwork sale or within 7 days after your artwork has been delivered if it is a canvas print. Please note that you are solely responsible for filling out the necessary tax documentation and paying taxes in your country of residence upon receival of funds.

Do you only allow to list AI art?

The idea of our AI artist platform is to gather artworks created by like-minded artists who use AI. Therefore, one of the requirements apart from originality of the artwork, is for your artworks to be created using some kind of machine learning algorithm.

What is your artwork copyright policy?

We take copyright very seriously. Therefore, we require all artists uploading their AI art to the AI artist platform on our website, to ensure they hold 100% copyright on their artworks. Please refer to our copyright policy for more information on our responsibilities as a platform.

What is your platform commission on AI Art Shop?

When you sell your original AI art, AI Art Shop will take a 25% commission on the final sale price. We reserve the right to offer promotional discounts either directly or through third-party channels such as affiliate programmes. If a promotional discount is offered, the discount will be deducted from the price of the artwork before the 75/25 commission split is calculated. It is a common practice for galleries to occasionally offer promotional discounts and other types of incentives for new and returning customers. We offer record low commission compared to some of the other galleries that take from 35-50%, even when you take a promotional discount into account, you still earn more by selling your AI artworks with AI Art Shop.  

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