AI Art Shop® Marketplace FAQs

How do I register an AI artist account and create my own AI Art Shop?

The easiest way to register an AI artist account is by going to and clicking “Join Now”.

If you are on the front page of the, click on the “AI Artists” drop down menu in the navigation bar and then click “Join as an AI Artist” and click the “Start Selling” button. This will take you to a login page where you will need to click on the “Join Now” button. Next fill out your detail and click “Create an Account”. 

Alternatively, you can just click on “Artist Login” from the “AI Artists” dropdown menu in the navigation bar and click the “Join Now” button.

Once your account is registered you will need to verify your email that you used in the registration form and also add an email linked to your PayPal account to enable us to make profit pay-outs when you make a sale. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can add Bank Wire Transfer as a payment method of choice under Payments and provide your Bank Wire Details.


How do I add my first product?

Please visit our ‘Getting Started’ Guide for AI Artists to learn more. For a quick guide see below.

Once in your AI artist account, hover over the “Products” dropdown menu in the navigation bar and select “Product Listing”. Then click on the green button “Add Product”.

Upload your image using the “Upload Image” button on the right hand side.

Next, choose product as “Normal Product”, type in the name of your artwork into the “Product Name” field, then click in the “Product Type” field and choose a style that most suits your artwork. Next write an engaging and concise description. Remember art buyers love when there is a story behind a piece that reveals some idea or deeper meaning - the better you describe your artwork the more it will stand out and the higher the chance it will be purchased.

Next, to ensure that your product page is indexed by Google in the Product Additional Details write your Title Meta Tag which is going to be the tile of your product page and also fill in the description meta field with the description of your page. For optimal results, make sure that your title stay under 70 characters in length and your description under 300 characters.


What are the next steps once I’ve set up my account?

Our team takes care of logistics, print production, customer interaction.

Additionally, once you list an artwork, a set of standard product options and AR preview feature will be applied to it usually within 5 working days (however may take longer depending on platform capacity).

The only thing left for you is to market your AI Art Shop ® in social media. Make sure to write a good description.

Please do not upload multiple images as part of the same artwork listing. If you add multiple images as part of the same artwork listing, only the first uploaded image will be sold and the rest will be ignored.


How can I add different product options to my artwork? 

Our goal is to make life easy for digital / AI artists so we currently provide one set of standardised product options that are automatically added within several days of your uploaded artworks. 


Can I sell my artwork multiple time? What about listing it on other platforms?

One of the main USPs of our platform is that all artworks can only be sold once. We do not prohibit users from listing their art on other platforms at the same time as AI Art Shop - it is only when your artwork is sold that we require to ensure that if it was sold on a different platform elsewhere that it's taken down from our platform and conversely if the sale was made on our platform that it is delisted from any other art marketplaces to ensure exclusivity for the buyer. Any artwork/design can only be sold once - i.e. you as the artist are essentially selling your rights to the digital artwork to the buyer.

We are aware that other non-NFT POD platforms allow multiple sales, however none of them specialise exclusively on AI art. Given the number of AI art generators and AI software currently available to users, selling multiple copies of the same AI artwork would dilute its value; and potentially the value of other artworks on the platform, therefore hurting other artists. Also, we issue a blockchain certificate of authenticity for every artwork sold which would be impossible if the same artwork was sold multiple times. Hence once a sale is made, your artwork will be automatically taken down and marked as sold on the website.


How are artist pay-outs organised? 

We offer a competitive artist commission structure. We charge a 25% commission on every sale your shop makes on our platform, which means when you sell an artwork you receive 75% of the price that you set when listing the artwork. Please note that all product options are automatically applied to the artwork and are an add-on service the value of which is not included for the purposes of the final pay-out, i.e. only the price that you put when you list your artwork is included in the pay-out – the final price the customer pays may be different depending on the options that choose. You will receive your payment as soon as the order is fulfilled - this process may take up to 14 working days. Pay-outs are not accumulative and you receive profits on a per sale basis. 

We issue artist commission pay-outs to your PayPal account using the email address linked to your PayPal account that you provided upon registration on our platform. A pay-out is made once a sale is made and order is fulfilled, i.e. delivered either in digital or print format to the customer - so the timing of artist commission pay-outs can vary depending on how long it takes to fulfil each order (usually 7-14 business days but sometimes longer). All artist pay-outs are made on a per order basis.


What documents will be required between me an "artist" and you as a shop? Also, will the shop need any documents when withdrawing my funds?

The only two things required to enable you to operate a store on our platform are (i) your acceptance/compliance with AI Art Shop’s T&Cs and policies (which you have already accepted when you created your AI artist account); (ii) your PayPal email address on which artist pay-outs will be transferred to your PayPal account. 

We do not ask for any tax documents as we are not responsible for filing taxes for artists. Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of every artist to file appropriate taxes with their relevant tax authorities in their respective jurisdiction. Your store’s income that you receive from us in the form of artist commission should be classified as self-employed income on which tax should be paid in your country to the relevant governmental body.


Do you have any tips for the AI artists who are new to the platform?

Write a high quality description for your store, talk about what makes you unique as an artist – it could be techniques used in creating artworks, themes, or even your life story. Your store’s description will make you stand out. Add a good eye-catching logo and store banner and don’t forget to fill out the Meta Title and Description fields of your store – otherwise your AI artist page will not be indexed by Google. Furthermore, use social media to actively promote you AI Art Shop. Twitter and Instagram are both great platforms for promoting your works of art.


Do I need a lot of technical knowledge / programming skills to create AI art?

No technical knowledge is required - only artistic vision and taste. While you can use coding to create your own custom machine learning algorithm to create AI artworks (in fact all our AI Art Shop in-house AI algorithms are proprietary and were 100% custom built), you do not need to do that if you are just starting off. The easiest method for beginners is to use one of the readily available AI Art Generators and you can start generating unique AI art using text prompts in seconds.


My artwork has been marked as sold immediately after being uploaded to the website. Please help!

To fix this issue, please make sure that you include the artwork you are uploading in the "Art by AI Artists" collection by ticking the box in the collections section on the right hand side of the product listing page as shown in the area circled in red in the screenshot below. If your products are not added to this collection, the product quantity/inventory will be automatically set to zero and the product therefore shown as sold on the front-end of the website.


I have many artworks and I would like to do a mass upload - is there a bulk upload - images & csv?

You do not need to worry about shipping - one of the great things about our platform is that we take full care of logistics and any interactions with customers for artists. You can set prices when adding products individually. At the moment you can only add artworks individually as our team is currently still in the process of developing a mass product / image upload feature by csv. 


Do you have to use our algorithms to create art?  

No, our algorithms are not available to the public, however we do provide links to the most popular AI Art Generators that you can check here.


How can I set one price for variable sizes? Can they be framed?  What % do you receive from a sale?

You currently cannot set variable prices for different sizes. You set the price once for your digital artwork/design and any additional options are provided to the customer at an added cost as part of the automatically applied standard option set. The way the artist commission is structured is that we receive 25% from the sale of any digital artwork (so artist pay-out equals 75% of the price that you set) - any additional artwork options (e.g. print of different sizes / frames / HQ resolutions etc.) are provided as an added cost to the buyer and are not included in the value of the sale for artist commission purposes. Yes, your artworks can be framed - it is part of the standard artwork options package that is applied to all artworks listed by artists automatically.


How does platform commission work?

You set the price and get 75% of the artwork price that you set on the AI artist platform (i.e. 75% of the digital artwork price) upon the sale of your artwork your artist commission (we charge a 25% commission)


Do you make prints or just sell digital images? If you make prints, what materials do you use?

We offer artworks in both digital and physical print format our customers. You do not need to worry about setting options as we apply those automatically within several business days of the listing of your artworks. Regarding materials - all our canvases are stretched with stretcher bars milled from the finest quality European kiln-dried knotless pine. The customer also has the additional option to frame the canvas in a modern 38mm frame in the case of square and landscape canvas prints and 19mm classic frame in the case of portrait canvas prints.


As I understood, all art uploaded on your site become the intellectual property of your site, is that so? For example, could I still sell the same artwork in another shop?

Regarding IP rights - yes, we reserve the right to use any uploaded artworks for promotional purposes on various social media platforms etc. as outlined in our terms and conditions. You can list the same artwork in another store but if it is also listed on our platform, it is your responsibility to take it down from the platform as soon as it is sold elsewhere as our USP is that every artwork can be sold only once. Failure to comply will result in a permanent ban from the platform and may also result in legal action over copyright from the customer if they find out that you are selling an artwork you sold exclusively to them somewhere else.


What is the recommended size of artworks uploaded to the platform?

You recommend uploading pieces that are sized at 1024 x 1024.  I often like to create more traditional portrait and landscape type pieces, but do you think this would prohibit me from achieving sales i.e. in your experience are 1024 x 1024 sized pieces more likely to sell and should I just stick with these dimensions ? 

We do recommend pieces sized 1024px x 1024px and currently square dimensions is the only option we offer. We also plan to add landscape sizes in the near future and will let you know through the platform notification system as soon as we do.


What is the preferred file format(s) for pieces to be loaded onto your platform ?

JPG is the preferred format but we do accept other formats too (e.g. PNG, AI, PSD etc. although the latter are less common). 


I note you recommend a maximum file size of 15Mb. Is there a minimum size that you would recommend though to make sure pieces remain high quality when printed ?

There is no min artwork size but we recommend the resolution to be of reasonably good (e.g. 1024px by 1024px or equivalent) as this will result in the best print quality when we upscale your artwork using our AI algorithms


Is the option to mint a piece as an NFT something I need to select with each piece, or is this an option that your platform decides to offer with certain pieces.

We no longer offer the option to mint your artwork as an NFT but we may add it again in the future. You do not need to select any options as they are applied automatically within a couple of days of you uploading your artwork. 


As a content provider, do I get payment from the add-ons you provide (NFT minting, different printing options etc) or is my payment simply the sale price, minus your commission?

We provide the add-on options at their fair value with no-to-minimal mark up just enough to cover the cost. Your payment is simply the sale price that you set minus commission.


Do you have any advice and/or examples of what should be entered into the 'Title' and 'Description' meta tags to maximise SEO potency? 

To maximise SEO, we recommend to use keywords that best describe your artwork while also relating to the broader concepts of AI, AI Art and Technology as well as other general categories that people search for (you can use to research and analyse keywords on Google). Do not use the same keyword too many times as this may be considered as a toxic tactic by Google and other search engines. Try to keep your SEO Description concise (typically up to 160 characters but can be longer if needed) and SEO Title no more than 50-70 characters.

We also encourage you to promote your listed artworks by making posts on social media (especially Twitter) as this has proven to be a good sales tactic for many artists. You can easily make posts on Twitter and Facebook by clicking on social media icons on the product page of the artwork that you wish to promote.


How do you manage printing and framing pieces that are not a square 1:1 ratio, as these are the only options provided in the 'canvas size' options when you purchase (see below).  For instance my pieces are all 1:1.5 portrait ratio so if they are purchased and framed does this mean you are cropping the artwork ?  How do you manage printing and framing various sized pieces that are not a 1:1 square ratio, while still maintaining the original artwork?   

We have just rolled out a new feature whereby if you upload an artwork with a landscape or portrait aspect ratio it will be automatically assigned to an option set with landscape or portrait sizes accordingly.


I've been producing PNG files that are 950 x 1425 and about 1-2Mb in size.  I know this is slightly under the 1024 x 1024 recommendation you give, but just wondering if these are still OK for your platform to produce a high quality print and/or digital image?

Yes, any resolution only marginally lower than 1024 x 1024 should not be an issue, however if the resolution of your artwork is significantly lower than 1024 x 1024 is unacceptable and we will ask you to reupload.


Do you have any recommendations on what is the optimal price for an AI artwork?

Generally, setting the price too low is not recommended as this deflates and devalues the value of your artwork and potentially the works of other artists. The artworks that sell well seem to be priced in the $20-$50 range for a digital version. However, that does not mean to say that we have not had artworks sell for hundreds of dollars. I think it very much depends on the artist, the artistic style and the quality of the artwork. As you fairly said there is a lot of competition out there.


How do I make my artwork / artistic style stand out?

AI generators, especially Dall-E and Dream by Wombo, have become increasingly good at generating high quality artworks, however some of the artists on the platform find a way to combine unique text prompts with custom post-generation image editing using various design software to add more of a human touch making the artwork stand out more. AI art is not confined to just artworks generated solely by AI - it could be artworks that are created using a combination of different digital art techniques, one of which happens to be through the use of AI of some sort.


Is it allowed to buy ads on Google in the AI Art Shop  affiliate program?

Yes, all affiliates are allowed to use our trademark AI Art Shop ® in ads bought and listed on Google and/or other search engines or social media platforms as long as the ads direct the customer to content/products published on our platform and any mention of the "AI Art Shop" brand is used in relation to the products sold on our platform. 


Why was my artwork not approved?

Here are some of the most common reasons for why your artworks may be disapproved:

  • Repetitive, low-effort content
  • Abusive or harmful content 
  • Duplicate or repetitive artwork names
  • Missing artworks
  • Watermarked and/or copyrighted images
  • Artwork priced lower than $10

The list above is non-exhaustive and there may be other reasons not listed above.