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At AI Art Shop we are NFT affiliate pioneers and the first online art store to create an NFT affiliate programme for AI Art.  Previously our NFT affiliate programme followed a 5 by 5 structure, i.e. 5% payout to affiliates with a 5% discount code to customers.  We are delighted to announce that we are increasing our affiliate commissions on all NFT AI Art on to 15% and therefore changing our payout structure to 15 by 5, i.e. 15% affiliate payout with a 5% incentive discount to customers.  In case you are new to Affiliate Marketing, here's a simple infographic to...

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An NFT token (nonfungible token), is a digital certificate that guarantees the authenticity and gives exclusive rights to its holder. This idea is a result of the cryptocurrency world. Non-fungible tokens are not able to be replaced, duplicated, or substituted. This system can be used to secure rights to unique objects such as a work or art, piece of real property, or digital artifacts from computer games. Every record in the digital blockchain is a token is a record in the digital ledger. All tokens or records in an open blockchain can be viewed as equal, fungible coins with the same...

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