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In recent months, AI art generators have had a significant influence on digital art and development of new digital artworks. You can basically tell the current generation of tools, such DALL-E 2, MidJourney, and Stable Diffusion, what you want them to generate, whether that's Sponge Bob Square Pants combined with Godzilla, a strange future landscape, or a realistic still life in the style of a Renaissance master. These tools are a great creative channel for those people that don't have the programming knowledge of compute power to create their own unique algorithms and just want get into AI art and...

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The researchers interviewed 600 participants to learn how AI art was created, and then asked them who should be recognized for their work. They also determined how much each participant humanizes AIs. Each person's answers were different. However, on average, AI was perceived as an art form by people who were more humane than the AI tool.

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A pair of scientists published a set NFTs to mark the 48th anniversary Picasso's death. They were based on a recreation a lost work believed to have been attributed to Santiago Rusinol. This artwork was found under Picasso's The Crouching Beggar. This project is called Oxia Palus. It was started in 2019 by Anthony Bourached, George Cann. Their goal is to restore lost artifacts, promote responsible AI use by creative industries, arts education centres and create the jobs of the future. They used X-Ray fluorescent images from Rusinol and The Crouching Beggar to reconstruct Picasso's artwork. They created a 3D...

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