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AI Art Today

Artificial intelligence systems are gradually being introduced to our daily lives. These include social media, telephone assistants and online searches. Self-driving cars can perform many tasks automatically.

The use of algorithms to create art has increased in recent years. This opens up new opportunities for AI artists. There were claims in 2019 that we are entering a "Gold Rush" of AI art. This was primarily driven by who sold the first AI artwork at an auction for $432,000.

The painting - Portrait Of Edmond Belamy was part of a collection of portraits of the fictional Belamy families by a Paris-based collective called Obvious.

Obvious, Hugo Caselles Dupre and Pierre Fautrel were founded by researchers and artists who are interested in exploring the creative potential of Artificial Intelligence.

The collective has now joined Kamel Mennour in order to sell three NFT video portraits.

The GAN algorithm was used to create the Portrait of Edmond Belamy. It consists of two networks, a Generator as well as a Discriminator. The data set included over 10,000 portraits from the 14th through the 20th centuries. While the Generator creates new images from this set, the Discriminator detects the differences between the Generator's image and the human-made one. This was done to convince the Discriminator that the new portraits were real-life.

Christie's, which was the auction house that organized the sale, stated that new technologies will have a profound impact on the art market. AI algorithms are influencing art history and visual culture .

Sotheby's entered the AI art market for 2019 after it sold a work called Memories Of Passerby I by Mario Klingemann. The work was purchased for $51,000.

Klingemann is a pioneer in the AI art movement. He questions the inner workings and seeks to understand human perception. He trained a neural network to produce surreal images using a set of portraits dating from the 17th through the 19th centuries. This was in order to create Memories of Passerby I. The installation consisted of two screens that showed two portraits that could morph into various faces. The viewer can see the paintings as they are being created.

AI art was founded by artists such as Frieder Nake and Georg Nees. It is now being led in large part by a community of artists who work across many disciplines to explore creativity using a technological outlet.

Sougwen is an award-winning artist. Her work combines machine-made and hand-made marks to explore the dynamics between humans, systems and each other. Her relationship with the AI allowed her to ask questions about authorship and control, as well as analyze our interactions.

Memo Akte is another prominent figure in the AI art scene. His AI projects focus on creating reflections about ourselves and understanding how the world works.

One of his most well-known pieces, Deep meditations is an hour-long sound/video installation that serves as both a celebration and a spiritual journey. The viewer is invited to recognize and appreciate their experience as part of the universe through the work.

Discover unique one-of-a-kind AI art in different artistic styles such as Contemporary, Impressionism, Expressionism just to name a few with new AI paintings added to the gallery every week. 

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