AI Art Shop X Prodigi: AI art meets print on demand

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AI Art Shop X Prodigi: AI art meets print on demand

Here at AI Art Shop, we’re all about giving you options. Whether you’re looking to buy an ultra-high-resolution AI painting to keep forever as a piece of digital artwork, mint as an NFT, turn into a physical print or all of the above, we’ve got you covered.

After getting lots of requests to offer canvas prints as a product option for customers purchasing our AI-generated art, we started looking for a print partner to help make this possible. That’s when we found Prodigi – a global print on demand platform specialising in fine art prints and NFT printing.

Prodigi’s stunning canvas range perfectly complements our wide selection of AI art. Known for producing fine art prints for prestigious brands like the National Maritime Museum, Natural History Museum and The Royal Society, you can expect your prints to be of the very highest quality.

Fancy owning your very own original digital artwork? All of our AI artwork is 100% original and will be sold only once. Simply browse our AI art gallery and choose your favourite piece. You’ll then be able to tailor your order however you like, from minting your AI painting as an NFT to adding a museum-quality canvas print.

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