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The Raxans were a curious and adventurous race of aliens that lived on the planet Rax, a forested and wild world with seven moons. They had brown fur, two wings, and four eyes that could see in the dark. They loved to explore and discover, creating maps and journals that documented their findings and adventures. They respected the stars and the other worlds that they could see in the night sky, considering them as mysteries and wonders.
One day, they received a friendly invitation from a faraway star system. It was a message of exploration and discovery, sent by another intelligent race that called themselves Explorers. The Raxans were excited and eager by the invitation. They decided to accept the invitation, expressing their gratitude and curiosity.
The Explorers responded by sending a spaceship to pick up the Raxans. The Raxans boarded the spaceship, ready to embark on a new adventure and learn about the Explorers. The Explorers seemed kind and knowledgeable, but they also had a hidden mission. They were searching for a legendary planet, a planet that was said to be the origin of all life in the galaxy. They said that they had found clues and hints that led them to this planet, but they needed more help and guidance. They said that they had chosen Rax as a potential ally, because it was close and had similar features.
The Raxans agreed, seeing the challenge and opportunity of the Explorers. They said that they would help them find the legendary planet, and that they would provide them with maps and journals. They also said that they would join them in their search, and that they would not stop until they found it.
The Explorers thanked them and said that they would depart soon. The Raxans prepared for their departure, but not in the way that the Explorers expected. The Raxans had a secret map waiting for them. They had discovered an ancient map, hidden in one of their old journals. The map showed the location of the legendary planet, along with a warning and a prophecy. The map said that the planet was guarded by a powerful force, and that only those who were worthy could enter it. The map also said that the planet held a great secret, a secret that could change the fate of the galaxy.
The Raxans decided to keep the map for themselves, hoping that they would be the ones to unlock its secret. They told the Explorers that they had no map, but that they had a feeling about where to go. They said that they would follow their intuition, and that they hoped for the best.
The Explorers trusted them, unaware of their deception. They followed the Raxans’ lead, hoping to reach their destination soon.
The Raxans led them to the legendary planet, following the map’s directions. They saw the planet’s beauty and majesty, and felt its presence and power.
They also saw its guardian, a colossal creature that emerged from the planet’s core.
They heard its voice, a voice that spoke to their minds.
The voice said: “You have reached the end of your journey. You have found the source of all life. You have faced me, the keeper of this world. You have one chance to prove your worthiness. You have one question to answer my riddle. You have one word to say my name. Who am I?”
The Raxans knew the answer, but they did not say it.
They did not have time to say it or keep it.
The guardian attacked them, along with their spaceship.
The Raxans screamed in fear, as they lost their chance.
They had reached their destination.

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