Old city street scene with people and a trolley

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The image presents a colorful painting depicting a city street scene with people and a trolley. The focal point of the painting is a trolley car situated in the middle of the image.
The trolley car is depicted in a vibrant shade of green. It stands out amidst the other elements in the painting. The car is shown on the right side of the image, inside the urban landscape. The trolley car seems to be the primary mode of transportation in the city.
Focusing on the surroundings, there is a blue television screen with writing on it, located towards the left side of the image. The TV screen adds a modern touch to the scene, possibly displaying important information or advertisements for the city.
In the foreground, a girl can be seen walking down the street with a bag. She is shown in motion, suggesting the liveliness of the city. 
Additionally, a woman wearing a hat is depicted in a separate section of the painting, towards the right side. She stands out due to her prominent placement and distinct attire, adding diversity to the overall composition.
Overall, the painting captures the essence of a vibrant city street with a trolley as its central feature. The combination of various elements, including the trolley, people, television screen, and text, creates a lively and bustling atmosphere.

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