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  • Memories is an original Contemporary AI painting created at AI Art Shop.
  • Enhance your living or working space with this stunning canvas print created by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Each AI painting is 100% original and will be sold only once, making you the owner of an extraordinary exclusive piece of AI art. 
  • Preview your AI painting against a virtual background if you are on a desktop or live in your room using your phone by using our "Live Preview" feature below the painting.
  • Choose from our large selection of sizes and other options to customise your painting. For any non-standard options, please contact our sales team. 
  • The painting is originally stored in 300 ppi resolution to ensure depth and breadth of detail when digitally printed onto the finest canvas using the best quality ink. 
  • We are confident in the outstanding quality of our paintings and offer a 15-day return policy
  • We offer free* worldwide shipping on all our paintings.

Canvas Types

We use the finest hand-finished canvases currently available on the market. The stretcher bars in all our canvases are made from the best quality Kiln-Dried European Knotless Pine. This adds longevity and sturdiness to any canvas print as well as creating a premium feel.

Canvas Materials

Standard Canvas - canvas surface is made from highest quality cotton with 400gsm density. This canvas type is standard and reliable option that reproduces the image with great detail and clarity.

Premium Monet Canvas - the best canvas for true art connoisseurs that offers higher density (410gsm) than Standard Canvas and incredible level of image sharpness, colour gamut and graduation.

Metallic Canvas - this exotic canvas material has a unique metallic silver finish on the surface and features the highest density of 440gsm. Metallic canvas offers a large colour gamut and creates the highest quality pearlescent effect seen on a canvas.


Printing Method

Every canvas print is produced using a 12-colour Giclée Fine Art printing process that offers unparalleled quality compared to more traditional photographic printing approach.

Giclée printing is the highest quality printing process used by museums and art galleries all over the world. It offers bright and vivid colours that do not fade over time which truly brings the painting to life. This means our canvas prints remain colour-fast for over 100 years. 


Frame Types

We offer two frame types - Traditional Frame and Modern Frame.

Traditional Frame has a finish and a 19mm edge meaning that the canvas used with this type of frame is shallower and has a more classical look

Modern Frame sits about 5mm from canvas edge and is used with 38mm edge canvas. This creates a more modern look compared the Traditional frame.

You can use our Augmented Reality powered app to preview your chosen painting against a virtual background if you are using a desktop or laptop and live against the wall in your room if you are using a smartphone.



Click on the the Live Preview button located below the painting. If you are not seeing the Preview button, this may mean that your browser does not support the app. A pop-up will appear with different settings.

You can resize the painting by using the adjustment level tool on the right. Drag the painting using your mouse and position it anywhere in the room. You can also adjust the angle and level of the painting positioned against a background.

Choose from a list of pre-selected backgrounds or upload a picture of your own living or working space using the Upload Background button in the right bottom corner.



If you are using your smartphone to view the product page, in the same way as on a desktop, click on the Live Preview button below the painting. All the settings are exactly the same except for Upload Background which is replaced by a Camera button. If you click on it, you will be given a choice - either Live Preview or Upload a Background from Your Phone.

Click Live Preview and then allow the app to use camera in your browser to preview the painting on your wall.    

Shipping and Production Times

It normally takes about 5 working days post-production to deliver your painting to you. The production usually takes 1-2 working days. So you should receive your painting within 7 working days.

Please note that the above times are approximate and due to COVID-19 it may take longer, potentially up to 14 working days for your painting to be delivered.


We take every precaution in terms of protecting your painting from any damage during shipping. Your painting will be wrapped in a protective sleeve with a cardboard covering the painting surface and delivered in a cardboard box with multiple internal layers and corner pads.


After your order ships, you will receive an online order tracking notification by e-mail.