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The Kryllians were a proud and warlike race of aliens that lived on the planet Kryll, a barren and rocky world with no moons. They had red skin, two horns, and sharp teeth that could tear through metal. They hated to explore their planet and learn new things, preferring to focus on their military and conquests. They despised the stars and the other worlds that they could see in the night sky, considering them as potential enemies or targets.
One day, they detected a weak signal from a faraway star system. It was a message of distress and plea for help, sent by another intelligent race that called themselves Zoraxians. The Kryllians were amused and intrigued by the message. They decided to reply to the message, pretending to be friendly and willing to help.
The Zoraxians responded by sending their coordinates and asking for urgent assistance. They said that they were being attacked by another race that called themselves humans. The humans had invaded their planet, Zorax, and were trying to take over their resources and land. The Zoraxians said that they had no weapons or soldiers, and that they were on the verge of extinction.
The Kryllians saw an opportunity to expand their empire and gain new resources. They sent a spaceship to Zorax, claiming that they were coming to rescue the Zoraxians. The Zoraxians thanked them and waited for their arrival. The Kryllians had a different plan. They wanted to destroy both the humans and the Zoraxians, and claim Zorax for themselves.
The Kryllians arrived at Zorax and launched a surprise attack on both sides. They used their advanced weapons and ships, and easily overpowered the humans and the Zoraxians. They slaughtered them without mercy, leaving no survivors. They then proceeded to mine Zorax for its rare mineral, and turned it into a military base. They celebrated their victory, and looked for their next target.

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