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The Kexans were a cheerful and playful race of aliens that lived on the planet Kex, a fluffy and rainbow world with six moons. They had pink fur, one tail, and two ears that could hear the slightest sounds. They loved to dance and joke, creating games and pranks that could make them and their friends laugh. They enjoyed the stars and the other worlds that they could see in the night sky, considering them as fun and amusing.
One day, they received a funny joke from a faraway star system. It was a message of humor and laughter, sent by another intelligent race that called themselves Jokers. The Kexans were amused and curious by the joke. They decided to reply to the joke, expressing their appreciation and wit.
The Jokers responded by sending a spaceship to visit Kex. The Kexans welcomed them with giggles and hugs, eager to share their games and pranks. The Jokers seemed friendly and hilarious, but they also had a hidden camera. They were filming a comedy show, a show that involved making jokes and pranks on different planets. They said that they had created a funny joke, a joke that invited the Kexans to their spaceship. They said that they had chosen Kex as a potential episode, because it was cute and colorful.
The Kexans did not know, seeing the charm and humor of the Jokers. They said that they would join them on their spaceship, and that they would provide them with games and pranks. They also said that they would invite them to Kex, and that they would show them their planet and their laughter.
The Jokers did not care, seeing the innocence and naivety of the Kexans. They said that they would accept their games and pranks, but only to use them for their own entertainment. They also said that they would follow them to Kex, but only to film more jokes and pranks.
The Jokers reached Kex, and were greeted by the Kexans. The Kexans showed them their games and pranks, and asked them to join them in their dance. They said that they had a surprise for them, and that they would show them their funny joke.
The Jokers agreed, thinking that they had found silly victims and viewers. They joined the Kexans in their dance, hoping to make more jokes and pranks.
The Kexans had other plans. They had sensed the presence of the camera, and they had prepared a counterprank. They used their fur to create a static shock, which could zap or tickle the Jokers. They sent a final message to the Jokers, which was a riddle that revealed their prank.
The message was: “We are the ones who laugh at ourselves. We are the ones who make fun of everything. We are the ones who prank beyond limits. We are the ones who have no shame. What are we?”
The Jokers received the message, but they did not understand it. They did not have time to answer it or avoid it.
The shock zapped them, along with the camera.
The Kexans laughed hysterically, as they completed their prank.
They had outwitted their pranksters.

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