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The Cexans were a loyal and brave race of aliens that lived on the planet Cex, a rocky and barren world with no moons. They had gray skin, one horn, and three eyes that could see in the infrared spectrum. They loved to fight and defend, creating weapons and armor that could protect them and their allies. They honored the stars and the other worlds that they could see in the night sky, considering them as allies and enemies.
One day, they received a desperate call from a nearby star system. It was a message of help and alliance, sent by another intelligent race that called themselves Rebels. The Cexans were moved and curious by the call. They decided to answer the call, expressing their support and courage.
The Rebels responded by sending a spaceship to meet the Cexans. The Cexans joined them with honor and pride, ready to fight and defend. The Rebels seemed grateful and determined, but they also had a hidden enemy. They were fighting against a tyrannical race that called themselves Imperials. The Imperials had conquered many planets, and were trying to destroy or enslave the Rebels. The Rebels said that they had formed a resistance movement, and that they were looking for allies and warriors. They said that they had chosen Cex as a potential base, because it was close and had strong defenses.
The Cexans agreed, seeing the valor and justice of the Rebels. They said that they would welcome them to Cex, and that they would provide them with weapons and armor. They also said that they would join them in their fight against the Imperials, and that they would not rest until they were defeated.
The Rebels thanked them and said that they would arrive soon. The Cexans prepared for their arrival, but not in the way that the Rebels expected. The Cexans had a secret weapon waiting for them. They had developed a powerful bomb, capable of destroying an entire star system. They planned to use it on the Imperials, and end their tyranny once and for all.
The Rebels arrived at Cex, and were greeted by the Cexans. The Cexans showed them their weapons and armor, and invited them to join them in their spaceship. They said that they had a surprise for them, and that they would show them their secret weapon.
The Rebels agreed, thinking that they had found true friends and allies. They boarded the spaceship, hoping to see their secret weapon soon.
The Cexans had other intentions. They had rigged their spaceship with the bomb, and they planned to detonate it as soon as they reached the Imperial star system. They wanted to sacrifice themselves and the Rebels, along with the Imperials, in a glorious act of martyrdom. They did not care about their own lives or their own world. They only cared about their honor and their victory.
They flew away from Cex, and headed towards the Imperial star system.
They smiled heroically at the Rebels, who smiled back innocently.
The Cexans pressed a button, and activated the bomb.
The spaceship exploded in a blinding flash, along with the Imperial star system.
The Cexans shouted triumphantly, as they died with their enemies.
They had fulfilled their duty.

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