Dreams Of A Geisha NFT

Dreams Of A Geisha is the world’s first NFT AI Art collection in the traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e art style.

This exclusive collection created by Artificial Intelligence is limited to 1,000 unique AI paintings offered in the form of NFTs and is the first of its kind.

Our team at AI Art Shop have developed a unique AI algorithm trained on thousands of hand-picked Ukiyo-e paintings. Thousands of hours of training later, the result is Dreams Of A Geisha - an original collection of never-seen-before Ukiyo-e paintings which provides insight into how AI perceives the period of Japan’s history described by Ukiyo-e.

The literal meaning of Ukioy-e is “paintings of the floating world” - it is a beautiful art genre which originated during the Edo period in Japan. Ukioy-e paintings depict famous theatre actors, sumo wrestlers, urban life, female beauties and historical scenes.

Ukiyo-e embodies the sensory pleasures of city life contrasted by the transient nature of all human delights.

Dreams Of A Geisha lies at the intersection of Japanese art and modern technology. We hope it will inspire your appreciation for the wonderful Ukiyo-e art genre.